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Car Key Replacement

Starting at only $89. Locksmith Tally offers car key replacement locksmith service in Tallahassee. Transponder key replacement available. Car key replacement done on site, same day or by appointment. Call now if you need a new car keyor a replacement car key in Tallahassee.

Car Unlocking Service

We offer affordable car lockout service prices in Tallahassee . If you need a car locksmith to come open your vehicle, call now. Call to compare locksmith prices in Tallahassee. You will find we have you covered when it comes to saving some money in Tallahassee.

Residential Unlocking Service

If you find yourself locked out of your office, house, apartment or bedroom, call Locksmith Tally. We are a ‘Money Saving’ locksmith service in Tallahassee, Fl. Locksmith Tally offers affordable & professional office, apartment or house door unlocking service in Tallahassee.

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I mean isn't it possible?

No, unfortunately no matter how strong you are, or how hard you pull on the door it's not going to unlock. You'll need to call Locksmith Tally. Our locksmiths are ready to take your call. We are here to help with lock and key related needs in Tallahassee. Automobiles, residential or commercial buildings. If you need to improve your security, have high quality locks installed by us. We always have top brand locks, equipment and keys to ensure our customers are safe and secure. If you do find a problem after we are done with our work, call us and we can come back to fix it for free.

By the way, how many people really have a key to your residence? When was the last time you changed your locks?

You should probably change your locks

When the time comes to change your home or office door locks, you will want to be certain that it is done properly by a professional locksmith in the Tallahassee area. Be safe, secure and save money by hiring Locksmith Tally to change your locks. There are so many reasons to change your locks, the number one being your security and of course safety. So, for your own security and peace of mind, call Locksmith Tally now. We will have your locks quickly changed or rekeyed almost instantly, call Locksmith Tally. Magnetized/electronic locks might require that we order specific replacement parts in order to complete your job requirements.