Residential Rekey Service

Need a door rekeyed in Tallahassee Fl? Call Locksmith Tally now!
Home & Office Rekey Service: (850) 273-6075

Residential Locksmith

Need locks changed, a home or office rekeyed ?

Locksmith Tally Locksmith Tallahassee can send a locksmith to where you are right away & change your locks, or rekey your locks almost instantly. On the spot service in Tallahassee.

When the time comes to change your home or office door locks, you will want to be certain that it is done properly by a professional locksmith inthe Tallahassee area. Be safe, secure and save money by hiring a Locksmith Tally to change your locks. There are so many reasons to change your locks, the number one being your security and of course safety. So, for your own security and peace of mind, call Locksmith Tally now. We will have your locks quickly changed or rekeyed almost instantly, call Locksmith Tally. Magnetized/electronic locks might require that we order specific replacement parts in order to complete your job requirements.

Emergency Residential Locksmith

You may not ever know when you need a residential locksmith. You can save money now, thanks to Locksmith Tally locksmith service. If you happen to have a need for a locksmith for something such as a home, office or room door lockout... or maybe have a key that needs replacement. Call our Dalls Locksmith at (850) 273-6075, you will be taken care of. We always suggest you save our locksmith phone number on your cellular phone so you can always call Locksmith Tally.

Try not to forget, we do offer student and senior citizen discounts to anyone who might need locksmith services in the Tallahassee area. We know that some folks are on a budget, we will always try our best to offer you affordable residential locksmith prices. Let us know if you're a student or a senior when you call so you can always be sure to get the best locksmith prices in Tallahassee.

Most popular Locksmith services...

Here are the 3 most popular services we offer in Tallahassee.

Car Key Replacement Tallahassee

Starting at $79. Locksmith Tally offers car key replacement locksmith service in the Tallahassee area. Transponder key replacement is available. Car key replacement is done on site the same day, or by appointment. Call today if you need a car key replaced in Tallahassee

Car Unlocking Service

We offer affordable car lockout service prices in the Tallahassee area. If you need a car locksmith to come open your car, call us. Call around to compare locksmith prices in Tallahassee. You will find that we have your back when it comes to saving some money here in Tallahassee.

Residential Unlocking Service

If you're locked out of your office, house, apartment or bedroom, call Locksmith Tally. A ‘Money Saving’ locksmith service in Tallahassee, Fl. Locksmith Tally offers a more affordable & professional office, apartment or house door unlocking service in Tallahassee Fl.